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Supporters needed about 13,500 qualified signatures to put it to a statewide vote in the Nov. Jaeger on Wednesday said the measure's backers turned in about 21,700 qualified signatures.… Tax on other tobacco products, including liquid nicotine for electronic cigarettes, would increase 28 percent to 56 percent. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro proposed late last year that all multi-unit housing should become smoke-free.Low tobacco tax should be increased Jamestown Sun - August 16, 2016 North Dakotans have become numbly complacent with the grim toll in lives lost to tobacco use.… The measure also would double the tax on other tobacco products-including liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes-from 28 percent to 56 percent at the ...A comprehensive statewide smoke-free law implemented in North Dakota dramatically decreased the level of tobacco smoke pollution in bars and restaurants.

A group is pushing a ballot measure to increase North Dakota's The Republic - March 16, 2016 North Dakota voters passed a smoke-free law in 2012 that protects people from secondhand smoke in indoor public places and workplaces. Mentally ill more likely to smoke, die from tobacco-related illness WDAZ 8 (Grand Forks, ND) - March 14, 2016 The American Lung Association in North Dakota is launching an effort to target smoking cessation programs at those who are mentally ill or dealing with addictions.… Second, it will treat the liquid nicotine drug (smoked via electronic cigarettes) and those who sell it exactly the same as all other tobacco products. Higher taxes on tobacco in ND could be on November ballot WDAZ - March 16, 2016 It would also include liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes from 28% to 56%.Some argue e-cigarettes have already helped people quit. Letter: Just say 'No' to legalizing recreational marijuana Dickinson Press - March 16, 2016 With all the focus on no smoking, doesn't it seem a little ridiculous to legalize ...In addition, North Dakota's smokefree law adds provisions to require all gaming/gambling facilities to be 100% smokefree.North Dakota's initiative makes all public places 100% smokefree, including: bars, all worksites, truck stops, hotels/motels, retail tobacco stores, gambling and gaming facilities, child and adult day care facilities, within 20 feet of entrances and even a few outdoor places.

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